Are you looking for a change?

Do you want to live in alignment with your values and your life purpose?

Are you going through a transitional stage and trying to become accustomed to a new situation?

Would you like to invest on a thought process that would enable you to make, introduce and execute decisions in life and workplace?

Would you like to enhance some skills of yours in order to accomplish your tasks with greater ease and efficiency?

How can you make your life-work balance work better?

We have all asked ourselves these and similar questions at some point in our lives. Quite often we find ourselves being in an unfulfilling, disillusioned or disempowering mode and we need someone or something to support us. This is where coaching comes in! Imagine working in partnership with someone who will support you to clarify your goals and to find the answers of the above and any other questions you may ask yourself. How would that feel? What good would that do to you?

This website will focus on ways to explain who I am, how I work, what I can do for you, how we will build this great partnership, and how to get started.

If you feel like taking the first step to affect a change in your life, I invite you to contact me for a 30 minute complimentary session! I’ll be honoured to talk with you!

Best regards,
Dimos Kyritsis, ACC, MA