Thrive Coaching Model

In my coaching, my intent is to support you to “thrive” in your life! Hence, I use a coaching model that aligns with what you want to do and how best I can serve you. My model involves five elements:

  • Think
  • Reframe
  • Investigate
  • Visualise
  • Empower
    Thus, as your coach I work in partnership with you and support you to:


I will help you to think about your life goals and identify strategic action steps that you can take in order to realise these goals.


I will help you to reframe your perspectives and reconsider your issues, decisions and actions, by reflecting back to you what you are saying and making use of powerful questions.


I will support you to carefully examine the facts and parameters of a situation, as well as to elaborate on possible strategies that might help you to get what you want and need.


I will remind you of the big picture and ask you to use your imagination in order to create a clear image, idea, or feeling of what you wish to manifest.


I will acknowledge every step and action you will take, and will support you to take more control over your own life.

These five elements are not necessarily implemented sequentially. They occur during the same or different sessions. Additionally, these elements work together towards helping you to develop a greater awareness of what you want and need, as well as towards supporting your actions to be successful, strong and happy. In other words, they enable you to thrive in your life!