Dimos was excellent at his work providing a safe space to talk and try to help me
understant better myself and focus on my problems. He didn’t try to take sides on any
matter but helped me understant what are the things that I felt were problematic. From
there he gave some good pointers-approaches that I could use if I saw merit in them,
to better accomplish my goals. He was all around excellent and higly recommended to
anyone who might want some coaching on relationship issues. The sessions with Dimos
helped me see a clearer picture of myself. He also seems like a nice person.

Panos Marinakis, freelancer Photographer. Athens, Greece

‘I enjoyed having Dimos’ support when I was in my study-work transition, he is reliable, flexible, able to work in several social platforms, and really cares for his clients.He was very sympathetic to my concerns and helped me work through some of my personal obstacles. I definitely recommend Dimos as a personal coach’.

Lucas Amorelli Ribeiro Kornexl, Intern at the Green Climate Fund. South Korea

‘I worked with Dimos during a 6 months length Coaching on work orientation. I obtained efficient results on the skills I wanted to imrpove throught the months of our sessions and I still perform well even after the end of our coaching, meaning that his methods are sustained and well practiced. I liked his system of challenging me and although I was working with him on 1 to1 session I was feeling I was scanning myself in the same time by giving the answers on my own with his correcting guidance. I valued a lot the pre- and post-work that we were exchanging and sharing as I was discovering more and more of myself, my skills and my potentials. Dimos helped me in a short period with his coaching effectively; he connects with people wonderfully and according to your preferred way of learning. I now have my own business abroad and develop well knowing that Dimos will be supporting me when I need his great coaching service again! I would recommend him without a doubt, as he has a unique skill and he adores what he does!’

Sofia Beloka, European Development Commissioner at International Federation Wheelchair Rugby. Brussels

‘I had a remarkable experience with Dimos. Dimos helps the coachee figure things out…then get them done!Dimos helps the coachee plan and strategize, which includes brainstorming and acting as a sounding board. Dimos Breaks these down into bite-size manageable chunks and onto the coachee’s task management system. Dimos serves as the accountability partner to keep everything moving and on schedule’

Khwaja Shaik, Information Technology Leader, Chief Architect. Florida, USA

‘I have had the privilege to work with Dimos, a powerful facilitator with keen multidimensional perception and strong communication skills. When I started my quest for personal development I was going through a dark period in my life. Dimos helped me move through this unconstructive period leaving me empowered and inspired. His deep questioning strategies allowed me to discover structures and create peak experiences as well as breakthroughs in every session. It’s amazing to have someone understand you and turn the complications of your mind into simplicity…Thank you for reminding me how to enjoy life and look forward to the challenges!’
Kelly Tamvakis. Mobile Online Marketing Specialist. Athens, Greece

‘Dimos is not only a very good coach but also an excellent person who wants to help people in a genuine way.

His kindness and generosity shown in all his sessions and helped me to get my objectives. He is very service oriented as well as generous in his acknowledgement to clients for every progress made. This is very encouraging and together with the powerful questioning he offers and his ability to truly listen made me feel understood and respected. I felt really “listened to” by him and finished every session with a good feeling of clarity and peace. His meditation techniques at the beginning of every session also helped to relax and come to the present and get better results of every session.’

Eugenia Vega Montesino. Managing Director at Perfect Visit BV, Amsterdam

‘I had a great experience being coached by Dimos: sure loved the accountability; forthrightness; coaching presence; un-interruptive listening and just helping me stretch to be the best i can be around the issues that i brought to the table in each session.

I loved the focus on taking time to celebrating wins – big or small – along the way!! He demonstrated great competence in listening, asking, leading me towards action steps that helped me achieve my goals. As a business owner/CEO of two companies, he helped me work around some transition and re-alignment issues I was having in one of my businesses; helping me gain much needed clarity; develop fresh perspectives, and formulate strategies for effectively tackling the issues.

He made a solid investment in my life and business, for which am really grateful! I’d definitely recommend him for anyone/executive looking for a coach to help him/her take his/her life or business to the next level!’.

Felix Onyango. CEO at Dominion Valuers Limited, Nairobi, Kenya.

‘I cannot say enough good things about Dimos. Dimos is a very powerful and skilled coach. He helped me to achieve my goals quickly. He reminded me to celebrate after each win (and there were many) and helped me to get in touch with my true heart’s desires. I feel my ideal future is within reach now and I am very excited about that. I am forever grateful for his support and would hire him in a second.’

Jamie Smith. Flight Attendant at Air Canada & Spiritual Life Coach, Montreal, Canada.

‘The experience that I have had through the coaching has been life changing. Dimos you have made me stretch in ways, that I needed to. You have made me think a lot about my life, and what is it that I want to accomplish. I really appreciate all the affirmation that I have received through your coaching. There were times, that I didn’t feel to strong, brave, or happy, but you always encouraged me. You never cancel an appointment, and you are always on time. I have gained so much from the coaching, and I can honestly say that I’m a different person, because of Dimos coaching me.’

Gilda Ordonez. Dance Instructor & Business Owner of the ‘Ballroom Surge’, Dallas, USA

‘Dimos has been a fantastic coach; he has celebrating down to a fine art, something that is often left behind in the modern thirst for speed and success. The way Dimos acknowledges each step as a magnificent achievement is heart warming and has rubbed off on me strengthening my mental resolve and providing a solid platform leading to progress. Right from the off Dimos created a friendly partnership, openly sharing useful resources and guiding me through relaxation techniques to bring me to my senses.

This experience has been inspirational and Dimos sets a high standard of coaching that positively supported and gently handed responsibility back to me in each session. I have unquestionably been enabled to move beyond perceived stumbling blocks. Dimos is a very skilled coach who captures what I believe is the essence of coaching, a constant genuine curiosity and intrigue that always leads to a place called discovery. With acute listening to the whole picture and powerful and penetrating questions Dimos supported me in getting clarity about my direction and intent. He’s been a wonderful sounding board for new ideas to be heard and expressed for the first time. With constant feed back and threads to reconnect to each outcome Dimos has helped me create focus and stay on track with my aspirations.

A constant message through out our coaching process has been the ability to acknowledge true greatness and to step up into the light of my own greatness instead of hiding in the shadow of a greatness I was frightened to be. I thank you from my heart for supporting me to actually celebrate this greatness in the light of day without being so afraid of my own shadow. I have felt very inspired not only from your coaching but also from the person reaching out to me from behind the role.
Thanks so much Dimos!
Your friend
Joe Baker

Jonathan Baker. Creativity Partner & Certified Professional Coach. Malaga, Spain 

‘Dimos is a great listener and really good at reinforcing points and drawing parallels for comparison from session to session, which greatly helped me to acknowledge my progress.  The coaching experience was gratifying on many levels and I really appreciated the feedback/ recap of each session which I often look at and reflect on.’

Jem Wild. Research Analyst, Bangkok, Thailand