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6 Day Yoga and Life Coaching Retreat in Ubud, Bali: Empower yourself to prevent an imminent burnout 


This is a 6 day retreat in magical Bali, away from the noise, hustle and bustle of life, that will give you the chance to create a crystal plan about the way in which you live your life, through participating in daily yoga classes and life coaching workshops.
For most of us setting new goals is something that happens on New Year’s Eve, significant birthdays or perhaps after a life changing experience. However, even when we set the goals that we feel will bring us closer to what we really want to be, we end up quitting after a while. After a few weeks or months we tend to lose our focus or motivation because life happens and we do not seem to have a system in place to support us in realising our goals. In our attempt to be successful and feel complete, we take on too much and spend too many hours working hard to end up realising that we are in exactly same spot from where we started. Consequently, we feel exhausted and disappointed. We do not have the time to reflect on what is going on, acknowledge ourselves, and appreciate who we are and what we want to accomplish. We just keep repeating the same old things day after day expecting something new to happen. Finding our way out from this vicious cycle of not having a clear direction and purpose in life seems difficult or impossible.

Most of us reach this point and blame ourselves for the things that we have or have not done, but this is a vital stage as it is crucial in our personal evolution. It is at this point that we need to find a more profound way of living and have a better connection first with ourselves and then with our beloved ones.
We know how you feel as both of us have been in your place.
Dimos: I have found myself in a similar situation. I spent many years working hard and shifting between three different professional roles. The busier I was getting the more insufficient I used to feel. As there was no time for me to reflect on the things I was doing, acknowledge myself and celebrate, I used to take my strengths for granted. The lack of enthusiasm and motivation that often came as a result of exertion manifested as the early symptoms of a burnout. With the tools I will introduce to you in this retreat I managed to get a new perspective about the way I want to live my life and affect a change. Hence, I want to share them with you.
Fotini: For may challenging years I struggled in my search for ways to live an emotionally balanced and happier life whilst juggling the demands of being a mother, wife and business owner. The biggest ‘Aha’ moment came when my son was born. At that time I realised what kind of role model I would become for my son if I continued in this way. I was scared by what I saw. That was the moment when I decided that this was not the way I wanted to live my life. In my search for giving a meaning and depth to the way that I was living I crossed paths first with Life Coaching and afterwards with Yoga. Since then my life has changed radically and I started becoming the mother, wife, and business owner that I wanted to be.

Based upon all the above experiences we have created this retreat for you. This retreat is therefore about getting you out from familiar possibly stagnant daily rhythm of life and helping you reflect, and recondition yourself on how to become more conscious about the way you want to live your life.

The life coaching workshops that you will participate in will support you to take ownership of your life by developing a greater awareness of the areas of your life, whether they are in a declined or in a growth cycle, identify the gap between where you are and where you want to be, reflect on your own role, explore different options and possibilities, let go of any disempowering thoughts and beliefs and learn the importance of acknowledging yourself and celebrating your achievements. You will have the chance to set clear goals, come up with your own tailor made plan that will empower you throughout your daily life and understand that you are not alone. You will be a part of a supporting community. 

Through the practice of Yoga and given clear and simple instructions you will release any tension that may exist in your body. Personal attention will be given to each participant in order to meet any special physical needs you may have. Guided breathing techniques will be introduced in every session to help you engage in the process in conjunction with guided meditation and visualisation techniques which will help you to relax more deeply and create a space that you may fill in with new loving and empowering thoughts!

YES, it is going to be challenging
YES, it is going to be fun
YES, it is definitely going to be rewarding

What we want to communicate with you upfront is that we do not believe that you need to be fixed. You are whole and magnificent as you are. Every hardship, every block that has come into your life has helped you to come closer to yourself. With absolute respect in what you have been through in your life and with absolutely no intention to judge that, our aim is to create a safe space where you can share and let go of anything that does not serve you anymore and realise that you are NOT alone. We admire you and respect you for that. 

It would be an honour for us to be a part of this journey of yours and let us take a few steps with you.


Our retreat will take place at Dragonfly Village, Bali, Indonesia. Dragonfly Village is an oasis  in bustling Ubud and set amidst the lush green rice fields. Palm trees line each sunrise and sunset against the beautifulbackdrop of the sacred Mountain Agung with the northern mountain ranges in the distance.

It is truly an enchanted retreat paradise.Everything in it is prepared with love and care.

In Dragonfly you can sense the tranquility and  embrace the stunning greenery all around you.Infused by a beautiful energy it will allow you to recharge by connecting with this beautiful surrounding.

The centre boasts a spacious well equipped yoga Shala with incredible views to the rice field to accommodate our yoga classes.

Also, you will have the chance to experience Herbal Steam Sauna using natural herbs and its salt water pool where you can just relax and release any tension.

Kitchen is vegetarian and vegan only.Much of the produce is grown in Dragonfly’s organic garden close by in the rice fields. 

Please let us know if you are under any special diet or you have any food allergies at

About the accommodation:

Dragonfly Village is all about living close to nature, its rooms are designed so the natural world is very much a part of your experience there. The venue does not want to shut out our beautiful animal friends, frogs, insects, breezes and vegetation that thrive in abundance here.
You will experience the above and probably more! This place is best suited for animal lovers and people that love the great outdoors!!
Single/Double/Triple/Quadruple bungalows.
These are century-old antique bungalows, original wooden houses brought over from remote villages in Java, decorated with beautiful carvings, 100% recycled teak wood. All balconies are facing the rice fields, with its own private outdoor garden. We encourage conscious living – rooms are equipped with ceiling fan, there is no AC in all our bungalows – Ubud is slightly cooler at night

Each bungalow has an attached mud-wall bathroom, passion fruits & vines climbing over the natural roof, semi-open to the nature. Clean finishing. Hot shower is available. All rooms are supplied with natural organic shampoo, soap and insect repellent.
The beds and furniture are specially designed, made from recycled wood plough, which the farmers used with the buffaloes to plough the rice fields before. Twin beds and King size bed can be arranged in each room. The village believes in creating an organic environment for best rejuvenating sleep.
All of the rooms are set up with freshly cleaned sheets and towels to welcome your arrival.
To be more specific, there are:
Standard Double or Twin Rooms :
This fan-cooled room is fitted with wooden interiors, mosquito net and a private semi open bathroom with a shower. It has a seating area on the front terrace with it’s own garden facing the open rice fields. Room can be set up as two twin beds OR one king size bed.
Superior Triple Rooms – Papaya or Banana :
Accommodating up to 3 guests, this fan-cooled room is fitted with wooden interiors, mosquito nets and a private semi open bathroom with a shower. It also has a seating area on the front terrace with it’s own garden facing the open rice fields. Room can be set up as 3 singles or one King + one single.
Family Suite – Lotus :
Accommodating up to 3 guests, this spacious fan-cooled room is fitted with wooden interiors, mosquito nets and a private semi open bathroom with a shower and a bathtub. It has both an indoor seating area facing the rice fields and an outdoor seating area on the front terrace facing our garden. Lotus Suite can be set up as one King + 1 single OR 3 singles.
Quadruple room – Blue Moon
Blue Moon is our biggest bungalows – 8mx5.5m inside space with 4 beds in each corner of the room, plus 2 hanging beds in the attic. Each corner has a curtain separation. There are TWO toilets with showers attached in the semi open bathroom and a spacious terrace facing the rice fields.
According to a policy set by the Dragonfly village, the first people who will book a sharing accommodation will enjoy the luxury “Blue Moon Room, the quadruple occupancy, which is twice bigger that the double occupancy rooms containing two toilets and two shower rooms. If you come with your partner, spouse, friend a double occupancy room can be available for you. If there will be more that 15 bookings the accommodation will be in the attic beds of the blue moon room and the cost will be slightly cheaper for them.

 Arrival & Check in,    

First Retreat: 10th of July.               Second Retreat: 16th of July. 

Our opening circle will take place at 16:00-18:00. We will introduce ourselves and have a grounding yoga session.

Dinner at 7pm

Daily schedule

7.00 am wake up

7.30 am Morning Class

9.00 am Breakfast

11-1.00 pm Life Coaching Workshop

1.00 pm Lunch

2.30 pm – 4.00pm free time

4.15 pm-5.15pm Afternoon Yoga class/ Guided meditation practices

5.15-6.30 Evening Life coaching workshop- reflection time. 

7.00 pm Dinner and Sunset

9.00pm Noble silence

Last day 

First retreat: 15th of July                      Second day: 21st of July

Yoga session and closing the circle at 8:30

Breakfast at 9am

Checkout at 12pm

Please inform us if you ‘ve made arrangements to leave in the afternoon. You can leave your belongings to the venue, so you can enjoy

About Ubud

Ubud is the thriving cultural and spiritual capital of Bali. Home to Bali’s yoga, art and health scene, it provides a sanctuary in an idyllic, nurturing space, and full of the revitalizing qualities of the abundant land. Ubud is one of those places where a holiday of a few days can easily turn into a stay of weeks, months or even years. This is a place where traditional Balinese culture  is imbued in every waking moment, where colourful offerings adorn the streets and where the hypnotic strains of gamelan are an ever-present soundtrack to everyday life. It’s also somewhere that is relentlessly on trend – a showcase of sustainable design, mindfulness, culinary inventiveness and the very best that global tourism has to offer. Balinese people are amazingly friendly and always happy to help and serve. 

It’s the perfect place for you to establish new way of thinking, new habits and start fresh!

What is included:

  • Accommodation in old antique wooden bungalows
  • Experiential life coaching workshops
  • Gentle yoga practice
  • Exceptional  plant based food: breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Luggage motorbike transfer during check in and check out from taxi drop off point
  • One 60-minute balinese massage
  • Drinking water refill
  • Dragonfly herbal tea or fresh lemongrass and ginger fragrant leave
  • Organic Balinese Coffee
  • Welcome drinks
  • Airport transfer (group transfer)
  • Daily housekeeping (natural soap, shampoo, insect repellent, drinking water refill set up in each bungalow)

What is not included:

  • Airfare tickets
  • Transfer to the centre of Ubud
  • The venue is 1.4 kilometers far from the centre of Ubud (15 minutes walking)
  • Smoothies and fruit juices
  • Food and drinks at the café
  • Additional services

Meet the instructors: 

Fotini Chasioti

Fotini is a certified professional coach from ICA. She is also a 400-hr Yoga teacher accredited from Yoga Alliance. Her range of education experiences varies from being an NLP practitioner to being a certified yoga teacher for children and in addition a yoga teacher for children with autism and special needs. She has been teaching yoga consistently for the last three years while she is continuously enriching her style of teaching by attending various workshops. She has also been a life coach for the past 7 years empowering people from around the world to become the best version of them.

Dimos Kyritsis

Dimos was trained as a professional coach at the International Coach Academy. He holds a BA. and an MA. in education (The University of Nottingham, UK). He has studied Thai yoga massage in Thailand (Sunshine House Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand), has completed a 200-hour Yoga TTC on Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga in India (Yogadarshanam school in Mysore, India) and is about to complete a 50hr TTC on Restorative Yoga (Whitespace Studio in Milton Keynes, UK). He has also attended 10 day Vipassana meditation courses. He has been practicing professional coaching for the past ten years supporting people from various countries in affecting changes, has worked as a teacher in schools in London and Greece and has taught communication skills, teaching methodology and business building in yoga TTCs in Bali.


Rise to your potential with Yoga and Life Coaching: Action Planning and Goal Setting
Location: London. Date: 22nd of July 2017.


Join Andy Butterfield and Dimos Kyritsis in this special workshop and:

o Reveal the truth of your potential

o Identify the goals that can help make you happy

o Break through limiting beliefs that hold you back

o Ignite new ways of thinking creatively to solve problems, and unlock routes to success

Saturday 22 July

10am to 2pm

Neals Yard Meeting Rooms, Covent Garden

Yoga helps us to gain greater awareness of who we really are and how much we can be. It strengthens and empowers the body and it quietens and calms the mind. When we experience more space, flexibility and ease in the body, we experience the same in our minds and life becomes fuller, freer and more fun. We can relax into who we are and feel a greater sense of peace.

Life Coaching provides incredible tools that help us make the most of this new found sense of ease and freedom in the body and mind. Calling on a wide range of disciplines including counselling, management consultancy, mentoring, personal development and psychology, coaching mobilises us to gain a greater insight into what we want for our lives and how we can make the most of our potential.

Following a gentle and powerful yoga session where we will develop flexibility, strength and a calm focussed mind, we will explore 4 life coaching tools that will help you reveal more about your capabilities, clarify areas for change, set new goals and implement an action plan to help you achieve them with greater ease and efficiency.

Andy Butterfield is a yoga and meditation teacher and shiatsu and reiki therapist and is based in the UK. He is passionate about helping people to connect deeply into their lifeforce, honour and celebrate their bodies and dwell in peace in their minds and hearts. As well as teaching overseas, Andy teaches in London and Brighton.


Dimos Kyritsis is a graduate of International Coach Academy (ICA, Certified Professional Coach Program) and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). For 7 years he has coached many people in making and executing decisions, managing changes and make choices that will be crucial for their future. Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece he has lived, studied and worked in Greece and England. He is a frequent yoga and meditation practitioner as well as a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.

This workshop is available to anyone, no experience of yoga required

£50 payable in advance. £60 on the door

Book your place by contacting Andy on 07968 846610 or