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Yoga and Life Coaching
Rise to your potential with Yoga and Life Coaching: Action Planning and Goal Setting
Location: London. Date: 22nd of July 2017.


Join Andy Butterfield and Dimos Kyritsis in this special workshop and:

o Reveal the truth of your potential

o Identify the goals that can help make you happy

o Break through limiting beliefs that hold you back

o Ignite new ways of thinking creatively to solve problems, and unlock routes to success

Saturday 22 July

10am to 2pm

Neals Yard Meeting Rooms, Covent Garden

Yoga helps us to gain greater awareness of who we really are and how much we can be. It strengthens and empowers the body and it quietens and calms the mind. When we experience more space, flexibility and ease in the body, we experience the same in our minds and life becomes fuller, freer and more fun. We can relax into who we are and feel a greater sense of peace.

Life Coaching provides incredible tools that help us make the most of this new found sense of ease and freedom in the body and mind. Calling on a wide range of disciplines including counselling, management consultancy, mentoring, personal development and psychology, coaching mobilises us to gain a greater insight into what we want for our lives and how we can make the most of our potential.

Following a gentle and powerful yoga session where we will develop flexibility, strength and a calm focussed mind, we will explore 4 life coaching tools that will help you reveal more about your capabilities, clarify areas for change, set new goals and implement an action plan to help you achieve them with greater ease and efficiency.

Andy Butterfield is a yoga and meditation teacher and shiatsu and reiki therapist and is based in the UK. He is passionate about helping people to connect deeply into their lifeforce, honour and celebrate their bodies and dwell in peace in their minds and hearts. As well as teaching overseas, Andy teaches in London and Brighton.


Dimos Kyritsis is a graduate of International Coach Academy (ICA, Certified Professional Coach Program) and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). For 7 years he has coached many people in making and executing decisions, managing changes and make choices that will be crucial for their future. Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece he has lived, studied and worked in Greece and England. He is a frequent yoga and meditation practitioner as well as a certified Thai Yoga Massage practitioner.

This workshop is available to anyone, no experience of yoga required

£50 payable in advance. £60 on the door

Book your place by contacting Andy on 07968 846610 or