Workshops- Group Coaching

Amni.jpg‘Dimos’ workshops are highly interactive and enjoyable; he has a unique way of engaging everyone from diverse backgrounds to come together as a group and discuss the topics of our discussion. Every workshop is different and you could tell that he put in a lot of effort and planning for each workshops. I really enjoyed all of his workshops and Dimos is a great listener and highly respectful everyone’s opinions and in return he offers valuable feedback. He is genuinely and sincerely interested in my personal growth and development. He is also highly knowledgeable and resourceful, and I was inspired by how he is always equipping himself with new knowledge everyday. My favourite part of the workshops are the inspirational quotes that Dimos read to us, which is really spot on! At the end of our session, Dimos had personally told me that my presence in his workshops has inspired him to be a better coach/trainer, and assured me that he would always be around should I need him – goes to show that he is modest, humble and sincerely interested in my personal growth. Two months have lapsed since our workshops but Dimos is still actively communicating with me, sending me good vibes and empowering me. Keep up the excellent work Dimos and if you are searching for a coach, look no further because you really are in good hands. You will definitely leave his workshop feeling refreshed with a new point of view in life’.

Reviewed by Amni Hidayah. Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia

davWe were very blessed to have Dimos to coach us in communication during our 3 week yoga teacher training course in Bali. He is very  professional, knowledgable and delicate teacher. I have improved in better expressing myself and definitely have learn how to use alternative in communication through his inspirational teaching. Thank you Dimos’.
Reviewed by Lee Chiew Hong, Singapore

Chloe‘Dimos classes are incredibly useful for our life goals, through life coaching technics’
Reviewed by Chloé Doulet. Bordeaux, France

Alice‘The subjects are very interesting, you gave me new information and information that i already knew before but I think it’s always good to remind them, and that everybody should know them. You felt more and more comfortable in your workshops and adapted them to our needs. I really like your different ways to create the small groups (with papers, numbers,…). The support was well written, everything clear with good examples. I would have prefer to have everything in the class. I didn’t really like to read the class from my phone before or after the class. I had a feeling that the class was not finished when workshops were done and that it’s was too much support (big Atman book, workshops, powerpoint). You was very concentrated in your workshops and organized. Your way to be in or out of the workshops represents well what you are teaching us. So just by observing you we can have a good example. I really encourage you to develop your professional career in this direction. You are an amazing teacher. Thank you’.
Reviewed by Alice Lecheminant, Normandie- France