The Business Practice of Yoga

‘What you think you can do and believe you can do, begin it’ – Goethe

The Business Practice of Yoga consists of the following five parts:
1. Your career capital
2. Your professional role
3.  Your target market
4.. Your business plan
5. Your action plan

In my own experience of being a yoga student, a professional coach and a world’s traveller I have met numerous and credible yoga instructors. Some of them have been people who complete teacher training courses, spend many hours practising and developing the knowledge and expertise that is required when it comes to offering a yoga session, yet often find hard to form a vision of their desired career path, they daunt themselves ahead of planning their business, and feel uncertain of how to get started.

In an attempt to support these people in getting started and sharing their gifts and spreading their light, I created the below described coaching model that can help these yoga instructors to: 
1. Create a greater awareness of their strengths, their values, the things they can offer, and their unique style. The more you know what you can offer and what you want your practice to feature, the more likely you are to attract it.
2. Reframe any perspective related to money that may be holding them back.
3. Specify the professional role and the niche market that seems to be ideally suited to them. Outline the profile of their ideal client and invest on the marketing tools that will lead them to their desired target market.
4. Form their business overview which consists of their legal structure, their business direction, their business identity, their vision, purpose, mission (VPM) plan, their sustainability plan and the ethical aspects.
5. Make it happen! Create an SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time bound) action plan based on their strengths and values.

I am happy to discuss this model further and give you more clarity if you need. Feel free to contact me and plan a 30′ minute complimentary session.