About Dimos

Dimos is a certified performance and decision coach. He works with busy professionals supporting them in capitalising on their strengths with a view to making, introducing and executing decisions that overlap with their vision and the strategy of their organisation. As a result, they get the state of mind they need in order to come with a concrete action plan and be congruent with their decisions.

He also supports these professionals to affect life, career and expatriate transitions that often occur after the process of decision making.

He also works with youngsters who need clarity on choosing their career path supporting them in gaining a greater awareness of their strengths and their aspirations, matching them to prospective professional fulfilling roles afterwards, and making the transition.

He has completed the Certified Professional Coach training Programme which is provided by the International Coach Academy and it is fully accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and hold a Master’s Degree in Professional Development in Special Needs.

If you would like to learn more you can read about his coaching services see what his clients have said, and  contact him for a 30 minute discovery session! He would be honoured to serve you!