Areas of Focus

The areas I usually coach my clients on entail:

Decision Coaching

Support in:

  • Making, implementing and communicating decisions that are in alignment with goals and values

Career Orientation – Development

  • Gaining a greater awareness of values, strengths, qualities, skills that can be offered and applied at the workplace with a view to making work more rewarding and/or shift to a more fulfilling role.

Transition Management- Coaching

Support in:

  • Addressing changes and challenges arising from a career, life, or an expatriate transition
  • Becoming accustomed to a new situation or environment

Strategic Performance/ Executive Coaching

Support in:

  • putting in place structures and strategies
  • Designing action and VPM (Vision, Purpose & Mission ) plans in order to improve tasks execution and achieve personal objectives/goal
  • Creating and organising priorities
  • Managing time more effectively
  • Making work more rewarding
  • Communicatig and negotiating
  • Maintaining a good balance between work and personal life
  • Enhancing skills that will allow you to be more productive and hold yourself to a higher standard of being an effective Manager/Leader.


If you would like to work on any of the above areas, you can read about the coaching packages that I offer, and contact me to arrange a complimentary session!