September’s Goals…

ImageFor many of us September signifies a new beginning. Summer is moving on and the weather starts changing affecting often our mood.   Having returned back to our everyday lives from our summer vacation feeling relaxed and brand new somehow, we set new goals to achieve within the autumn and/ or winter season. That can be exciting and daunting at the same time..

Based on the above concept I would like to invite you to ponder over something you want to accomplish. It might be anything!  Just think about it, phrase it in the now, as though it is already achieved, and ask yourself the following questions:
– By when do I want to achieve this?
– What steps do I need to take in order to have this?
– What makes me want to achieve this?
– What past successes or strenghts can help me achieve this?
– How will I know I have achieved this?
– How my life will be different if I have this?- What people and resources do I have  available for support?
– Are there any factors that might cause me to stumble?
– How can I deal with any weakness that might cause me to stumble?
– What would be the cost of taking action?
-What would be the cost of taking no action at all?

Good Luck!!!!

As Goethe used to say ‘what you think you can do, or believe you can do begin it! Action has magic, grace and power within it’ .
It goes without saying that you can always have my support in realising your goal if you need it!
At the very best,

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