Creating a New Year that works better

           The year of 2015 is coming to an and. Christmas period is an opportunity for many of us to reflect on the year that is passing by, celebrate with our beloved ones, redefine issues, outline decisions we feel like making, set new goals and form new year’s resolution (s).

Thinking that all of us are meant to be successful, happy, and capable of realising aspiration, I invite you to choose a moment where you felt, happy, complete and accomplished, and celebrate gratitude for that thing. Then, you may think about what you needed less of and what you needed more of during 2015, and outline one think you can do this week in order to have more of what you feel you had less of.

Having found that thing how could you maintain momentum? What could act as a reminder? How could you remain focused on providing for yourself what seems to be missing? How could you work towards receiving the gift you want to be given?

Have yourself a happy holiday season and keep in mind that you are worthy of prosperity…



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