Money, Money, Money, must be funny…

The current economic recession in my country, Greece, and the measures the government has taken to deal with the debt, made me feel pretty significant about my money. Especially, when I found out that the salary of my current teaching job will be dramatically reduced, my significance was peaked. For a long period of time I was feeling uncertain of what to do. In an attempt to create lightness and find a way to deal with that challenge, I decided that the only option I had was just to find a way to adjust myself to the new reality and situation.


I was lucky enough to read in McDermott & Jago’s book about an NLP tool called ‘Behavioural Flexibility’ which is about having an array of ways to respond to something and it gives you more options and a greater possibility of influencing a situation. Being stimulated by this tool and motivated to take action to deal with my financial challenge, I decided to seek my coach’s support in creating an action plan that will support me to stay within my new budget.

With his powerful questions my coach helped me realise that in order to become accustomed to the new situation, I needed to let go of old ways of doing things. So, a useful addition would be for me to change some habits which involve spending money that could be other wise saved in order to meet my financial goals. In an attempt to replace what is taken away, he challenged me to invent some new habits that are just as much fun and don’t involve spending money. For example, I came out with the idea of inviting friends over in the evening, instead of going out and spending money on food or drinks.

After my coach and I explored where my money had beet utilized at that moment, I committed to buy myself  a note pad and create a daily expenditure list, with a view of becoming more aware of and more accountable to where my money is going.  This step has turn out to be beneficial.

It’s been a week since I’ve followed my action plan and I’m happy to have managed to stay within my budget. Though I’ve changed some ways of doing things, I realized that I can still do things I love doing. The difference is that I am going to do these things with decreasing frequency (My gratitude extends to my coach for his support).

Although my salary will be by far less than it used to be, I can still cover my bills, have fun, and keep on doing my favorite things, less often of course!

Coaching tip: Whenever you find yourself in a muddle-headed situation, ask yourself: Is there anything else I can do?

How can I do it?

Is there a chance to do something new?

What can replace what’s been taken away?

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