Scheduling time for ‘down time’

Kathrine Woodward Thomas in her book ‘Calling in the One’ talks about scheduling time in our busy lives for a ‘down hour’ a ‘down morning’ or a ‘down day’. These are an hour, a morning, or a day we choose to do nothing but spending time with ourselves as a means of creating or maintaining a sense of peace and stillness.

I am a busy person who likes doing different things. I, therefore, put many things on my plate and quite often I’m overwhelmed, as I don’t have the time to realise my things to do list. I do believe I can have it all, yet I tend to forget that I can’t have it all at one time.

Last Sunday, my challenge was to schedule a ‘down day’ so as to disengage from the feelings that make me feel overwhelmed, and the result has been gratifying. I spend the morning doing yoga poses on the floor of my bedroom, I had a wholesome meal afterwards, and then I bought my Sunday newspaper and read it in a very nice café. When I got home, I spend the evening reading a book, and that was it!

From Monday onwards, I have been more motivated and action driven, in relation to do my things and distinguish what is important from what can wait for a while as well as what fills me with pleasure from what happens  just as a cause of a  habit.

Coaching tip: Can you schedule time in your busy life for a down hour, a down afternoon or a down day?

What difference would making a date with your self do to your time management? How would affect your work- life balance?

P.S I’d like to share with you the lyrics of a song that I love:

We’re busy doing nothing
working the whole day through
trying to find loads of things not to do.
We are busy going nowhere
isn’t it just a crime?
We’d like to be unhappy
but we never have the time.

At the very best,

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