Realise your dream in 2012!

During this week I was talking a lot to my students about the value of unconditional generosity using Santa Clause as an example. Then, in an attempt to teach them the value of speaking up for themselves, asking and communicating things they need I invited them to write a letter to Mr. Santa and ask him to bring them what their hearts desire. To my surprise, they asked me what I would like to receive for Mr Santa and they suggested my writing a letter and ask for it. I told them honestly that I need to think about it explaining that as an adult, I wouldn’t like to receive something I can afford buying.

Thinking that all of us desire to receive the best gift for 2012, I would like to invite you to bring in to your awareness a goal that you would like to realise, a change that you would like to affect, something that would put a huge smile of your face, and thing what difference will that make in your life. Then, I would invite you to write a letter to Santa Clause, or to
the universe, should you believe that Mr Santa does not exist…

You may take the steps listed below:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Ask for what you wish to receive, have or realise and explain the reason why
3. Seeing that there are many similar goals, dreams or aspirations to yours, just try to make it very specific, and explain with details what it looks like, what its characteristics are, and how it will affect your life.
4. Let then Mr Santa or the Universe know, who do you commit to become in order to have what you wish
5. If you are asking for this ‘gift’ because something special happened to you in 2011, because you won something or because you managed to learn something difficult, let also the recipient know.
6. Refer to how you will celebrate the manifestation of your wish
7. Assure the recipient that you trust in their generosity, and you believe that you will receive the gifts when it is the right time for them to give it to you.

Now your wish, goal or aspiration is free to float around in the universe, gathering energy for its manifestation!

Please keep in mind that this letter is totally private….It’s going to be just you, writing and wishing. You may keep this letter to your records, or you may post it to someone who can support you to realise your wish. This is up to you!

Wish you the best for this holiday season and may the good times of the present, become the golden memories in the future!

Merry Christmas you all!


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