Developing your Leadeship Skills

Alan Seale, who was one of my trainers in ICA, in his book, The Manifestation Wheel, points out that there are three fundamental phases in becoming a leader: These are:
1) Following a leader
2) Becoming a leader of your own life (self leadership) and,
3) Leading others

Likewise, being a true leader, a good leader and a leader for good involves the below listed attributes:
1) Having a clear vision.
Coaching tip: bring your awareness into a goal you wish to realise and try to work out the answers to the following questions:
– What do you see possible for that goal?
– How can you communicate the importance of the vision being manifested?

2) Building bridges between people and ideas
coaching tip: – Who could support better the vision of that idea?
– How could you deal with an imminent conflict or challenge?

3) Empowering everyone to be the best they can be, illustrating their merits and helping see how they can develop skills and qualities that seem to be weak.

4) Inspiring and motivating others so as to maintain a momentum
Coaching tip: – how often do you acknowledge others for their performance?
– How can you celebrate your own or others wins?
– Are you well known for your enthusiasm at work?

5) Having a personal commitment to movement and action.
Coaching tip: – How would you like to be seen by others as a leader?
– Do you set standards for your own behaviour?
– How can you model the skills and the behaviour you want your team to display?
– How do you demonstrate that you are a responsible person?

6) Creating and honouring your personal needs and boundaries.
Coaching tip: – How can you honour your personal space, needs and desires?
– How can you communicate that?

7) Making sure you are always acting with integrity and compassion, holding everyone in their greatest light.
Coaching tip: – How does your integrity show up in your relationship with others?
– Are there any places where you lack integrity?
– What changes do you need to make in order to regain it?

‘As with everything else in life leadership is something you have to learn. Thus, people grow as leaders by the actual practice of leading. There is no substitute for experience (John Adair)’.
If you need any kind of support in addressing any of the above listed questions I would be happy to serve you.

Best regards,
Dimos Kyritsis, ACC, MA



1. Adair, J. (2010) Develop your leadership skills. London, Koganpage
2. Seale, A. (2008) The Manifestation Wheel. San Francisco, WeiserBooks.


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4 Responses to Developing your Leadeship Skills

  1. Alan Seale says:

    Thanks so much, Dimos, for referencing one of my books here. And thank of for your clear and well-thought questions. These are important questions to ask and get clear about. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    • Alan!
      thanks a lot for commenting on my post! your comment means a lot to me! Thank you too for inspiring me, through your book, to write this post and what is more, for sharing your own wisdom! You’re making a difference!

  2. Thank you for your article. I think these questions pertain to life coaching in general not just leadership. I’ll take some of these with me as I continue on my coaching journey. 🙂

    • Hello Carrie!
      Thank you for your comment! You may take everyhting you see on my website with you. That would be my honour! Would like to connect with you and see what are you up to!
      Wish the best for you and your coaching practice,

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