Authenticity in Relationships

Eric de  Nijs, in his article G.R.A.C.E. at work, a model for transformational workplace relationships (featured in Choice magazine, Volume 10, number 1, pages 33-35) illustrates that ‘authenticity is being honest with yourself and others, declaring your stand, holding yourself accountable, rewarding appropriately, being open and vulnerable, openly communicating needs, desires, moods, attitudes, values and feelings, even about the other person.

Being real is essential to any relationship. Open and uncompromising standards, positive attitudes and the desire to be exactly who you are, are in the heart of a fruitful relationship.

Authenticity keeps the relationship balanced and healthy. Successful relationships thrive when all parties reveal exactly who they are, say exactly what they mean, and use the same standards for self and others’.

Based upon this inspiring article I would like to invite you to ponder over the following questions:

–         How your relationship(s) will look like if you are or if you keep on being authentic?
–      What seems to be holding you back from not speaking up for your self in your relationships?
–         What are you most afraid of that someone will find out about you?
–         What payoff you get when you are not being authentic?
–         What do you have to release and what do you have to embrace in order to reclaim your authenticity?

In my experience as coach, teacher, worker, man, son, friend and partner, I have witnessed that being authentic involves also being vulnerable indeed, and exposed as you share feelings and things that have been unpleasant. Many times I have been wondering about the payoff for not communicating these feelings clearly. So, have you ever thought what would happen if you communicate your vulnerability? Would that empower or disempower your relationships? How else could you address your vulnerability in your relationships?

 ‘Peace comes when we stop pretending to be something other than our true selves (Debbie Ford).

Take care and be well,
Best wishes,
Dimos Kyritsis, ACC, MA.

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1 Response to Authenticity in Relationships

  1. I absolutely think that communicating your vulnerabilities in a relationship will empower it. It brings them to the forefront to be addressed and hopefully reassured by the other person.

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