Thanks Giving ‘Date’

Yesterday, Thursday 22nd of November, people in US celebrated the ‘Thanks Giving Day’. For those who might don’t know, on the 4th Thursday of November relatives and friends are getting together in houses, eating Turkey, expressing their thanks for the things they have and celebrating afterwards.

If we had this custom in Europe or anyplace, what would be the things you feel thankful and grateful for? How could you express your thankfulness? How could you celebrate it?

Influenced by this celebration, I invite you to make an appointment with yourself- and please show up!- think about all of the things and people you are thankful for, and notice then what changes in your perspective(s). I did this yesterday and I realised that I’m thankful mostly for things I take for granted. Consequently, I felt more blessed and inspired!

Now matter any hardships and troubles that nowadays all of us are facing somehow, I’m more than sure that there are quite many things you are thankful for. These little things are the very things that make our lives worth living.

Have a lovely weekend!



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1 Response to Thanks Giving ‘Date’

  1. Hello caro Dimos…very much like your post and we are very much on the same string of thought. I am just reading The Power of Magic and the concept is the same…be thankful for everything you have before you even start to wish for new things. Start and end your day by being thankful for things and people around you.
    I hope you enjoyed your time in Rome and hope to somehow see you again soon. I am already in Dubai, so if you ever pass by send me an e-mail to!!!
    Wishing you all the best….and THANK YOU for having invited me to comment on you post….

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