FAIL= First Attempt In Learning (reframing failure)

All of my life I’ve been working towards success being driven most of the times by my fear of failure, which was actually fear of being exposed, fear of being viewed as a looser, fear to admit that sometimes the result of any kind of an attempt can be out of control or unpredictable. My engagement with life coaching has helped me a lot to reframe the idea of failure and convert it into an opportunity for learning and growth.

This month, February 2019, I am doing a 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher training course in South India and it makes an extraordinary experience for me.. One of my teachers reinforced my new perspective on failing pointing out that the word FAIL can be an acronym that stands out from First Attempt in Learning. The second attempt is success! Looking back my life I can not agree more. Next time I will fail I commit myself to work towards finding what did not go the way it should and equipping myself with the skills and the resources in order to prevent it from happening in the future. I also commit myself to focus on what went good and build my next attempt on that! As long as something makes an opportunity of learning it adds to our need for growth! 








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