The correlation of Yoga & Life Coaching

Retreat photo.jpg Ever since I started practicing Yoga, I believed that Yoga & Life Coaching seem to  overlap that is why I wanted to combine both in my workshops and retreats. Since, the beginning of February I’ve been studying yoga on a teacher training course in Mysore, South India and the more I study, the greater correlations I see.
According to the Yogic philosophy there are five stages of mind: Mooda, which means attachment, Kshipta, which means confusion, Nikshipta, which means clarity that is not sustainable, Ekagra, which means focus, resolve, and Niruddha which means clarity and sustainable focus. Yoga is working towards helping someone to achieve the last two stages of mind: focus and sustainable clarity.

In a similar way, coaching helps someone to create a greater awareness in relation to what they want to achieve, gain clarity in relation to their values,  decisions they need to make, changes they need to affect, strengths and qualities they have with a view to creating a realistic action plan and stay motivated, focused and accountable. The thought of the big picture and the acknowledgement of success can help the coachee to capitalise on a similar action plan in the future and make it sustainable.
It seems that both yoga & life coaching are two powerful approached that can help someone to be more focused on what they do, and create a momentum so that this focus and clarity can be sustainable.


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